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Affirm lets online shoppers split up purchases into monthly installments.

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Overview of Affirm

Affirm allows customers to split a purchase into monthly payments, giving your customers buying flexibility and driving larger baskets. Whether your AOV is $25 or $2500, Affirm delivers greater revenues.

With just a few personal details, customers can check out instantly, no cumbersome credit card input needed. Affirm’s streamlined purchase experience is especially valuable for mobile visitors.

Affirm looks beyond FICO scores to serve many consumers that traditional financing serves poorly. This includes Millennials, most of whom prefer debit to traditional credit cards.

We guarantee all purchases and settle directly with merchants after order confirmation. We take on 100% of the repayment and buyer fraud risk so merchants can focus on more important things.

Unique Features of Affirm

Affirm offers easy financing -- without a catch.  We don't use tricks like deferred interest or late fees, so the total your customers see at checkout is always what they'll actually pay.

Customers check out instantly using only a few pieces of top-of-mind information.  The process is simple and fast, and transparency is one of our core values.

Features checked in Affirm

  • Account Alerts
  • Asset Management
  • Expense Tracking
  • For Face-to-Face Customers
  • For Online Customers
  • Influence Tracking
  • Instant Approval at Point of Sale
  • Lead Management
  • Life Event Alerts
  • Manage Loan Documents Online
  • Marketing Management
  • Relationship Tracking

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10% - 30%,   No Compounding Interest

Operating Systems

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